The Town of Waterbury is working in partnership with Revitalizing Waterbury and VTrans to provide this dedicated website for information on transportation construction plans and timelines for the Route 100 Rehabilitation project between Waterbury and Stowe, and the Main Street Reconstruction project in downtown Waterbury. We are here to help during this transition of making our roadways and community a better, safer, more inviting place to live, work and play.

VT 100 in the Towns of Waterbury and Stowe.   All paving on Route 100 and town road aprons have been completed for the 2018 season. A final lift of pavement will be completed when the project continues in Spring 2019.   Beginning Sunday night, paving of private driveway aprons will continue, weather dependent. All aprons are anticipated to be completed in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday.   Beginning Sunday night, crews will continue clean-up of the road shoulders, backup new pavement, and complete stone ditching and slope work throughout the week.   All work for the 2018 season is anticipated to be completed before the Thanksgiving holiday,

Elm Street Sewer Main Replacement Project - Downtown Waterbury   Monday November 5th Construction Activities and Parking   There is potential for significant construction activities on Monday November 5th. The Contractor will be attempting to get the new sewer under the old sewer in the area between  Ayers house and #15 & 17 Elm Street. The Contractor will first uncover the existing sewer and try to raise the sewer enough to allow passage of the new sewer under the existing sewer. If that does not work the Contractor will stop flow in the existing sewer upstream of the work area and then cut out

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Route 100 Rehabilitation

Quick Facts

Start: April 2018       End: Fall 2019
Work being done: The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) is rehabilitating Route 100 in the towns of Waterbury and Stowe to provide a sustainable roadway structure, improved travel surface and to reduce the yearly maintenance costs of this important arterial roadway and major tourist route. Existing shoulders will be increased to a consistent five foot width, where feasible, to accommodate bicyclists. A number of existing drainage culverts will be repaired or replaced and subsurface drainage will be installed in strategic locations. A new traffic signal will be installed at Guptil Road and Route 100.
Project area: The project area begins just north of the Waterbury roundabout and continues for approximately 9.5 miles to the Stowe Public Safety Building.
Hours of operation: Approximately 7pm to 6am (night operation) Sunday night through Friday morning with some possible Friday nights

Main Street Reconstruction

Quick Facts

Start: April 2019       End: Fall 2020
Work being done: The Main Street project involves "full depth reconstruction" of Main Street, including replacement of all municipal water and sewer infrastructure, and undergrounding of all aerial utilities from Stowe Street to the State Office Complex. The project also includes new sidewalks, period streetlights, landscaping, streetscape and wayfinding amenities to enhance the appearance of Waterbury village. Construction will be sequenced to maintain traffic flow and reduce disruption to residents and businesses in Waterbury village.
Project area: The project begins inside the railroad trestle by roundabout and continues for approximately 1 mile to Demeritt Place, and includes the lower portion of Stowe Street from Main Street to the dry bridge over the railroad.
Hours of operation: Approximately 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday. Two lane traffic with some exceptions. Saturday construction may occur outside of the core of the downtown area.

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