Main Street Reconstruction


What work is being done on Main Street?
The Main Street Reconstruction project starts on the south side of the railroad trestle by the roundabout and travels south for approximately one mile just beyond Demeritt Place (across from Subway). The 100 year old water lines, sewer lines and storm drains will be replaced with new lines with a life expectancy for the next 100 years. Utility lines will be placed underground between the Congregational Church and Park Street, and on Stowe Street from the Main Street intersection to the dry bridge over the railroad. Period lampposts matching the ones at the roundabout will be installed in this core area. New sidewalks, landscaping, wayfinding, hanging flower baskets, flags and banners will enhance our downtown. Sidewalks and walkways will be ADA compliant. 
Who do I contact with my questions or concerns?
Use the contact form to email questions or concerns. For phone inquires, contacts are listed below.

General Project Assistance: 
Barbara Farr, Waterbury Transportation Liaison
802-244-4300, 802-888-3810
[email protected]

Business Assistance: 
Alyssa Johnson, Economic Development Director, Revitalizing Waterbury

Visitor Assistance: 
Karen Nevin, Executive Director, Revitalizing Waterbury
Where can I find the most up to date information?
This website will have the most current information but if you have questions that are not answered here, or you need additional information, please contact one of us on the Contact List.
What will be the expected hours and days of construction?
Typical hours and days of construction will be Monday through Friday, 6:00 am-6:00 pm. However, some underground utility work and primary intersection work may occur after hours and at night. Weekend work may be required pending weather restraints and to maintain schedule.
Will there be any night work?
There may be limited night work between Mondays and Thursdays. There will be advanced communication if and when this is scheduled. 
Will there be any weekend work?

Saturday work may take place on Main Street, but not in the main business core of the downtown.

Will there be significant traffic delays during construction?
As with any significant construction there will be some delays in traffic during the construction season. The contractor is hoping to maintain two-way traffic during non-commuting times, but there will be times when one-way alternating traffic is necessary. This may cause some short delays.
Where will construction start?
Construction on Main Street is scheduled to resume in April 2020 in Segment 1 near the railroad bridge. All segments will have work completed in 2020, but it will vary between water and sewer line replacements in Segment 1 to landscaping and sidewalks in Segment 4. The final streetscaping will take place in the spring of 2021.
Will there be continued access to sidewalks for pedestrians?
Yes. If a sidewalk is located within the immediate work zone, an alternative route for pedestrians will be provided.
When will the section of Main Street from the railroad bridge to Stowe Street take place?

Construction is planned for this section (Segment 1) in 2020.

When will the downtown business core construction take place?
The business core can expect the majority of work to take place in the spring and summer of 2020. This website will have the most updated information as schedules are developed.

There is utility work planned for Stowe Street in 2020. Final streetscaping and landscaping will take place in 2021.
How will electricity shut-offs be coordinated? How long will the power be out?
Utility companies will notify property owners one week in advance on electrical disconnects. VTrans, the Contractor, and the Public Relations Coordinator/Waterbury Liaison (Barb Farr) will more closely monitor, refine, community, and coordinate all electrical service work with the abutters and utilities in accordance with construction process and sequencing. Special accomodations may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
How will I know when my water and sewer lines will be switched over to the new lines on Main Street?

There will be advance notice before switch overs for properties along Main Street and the side streets. Each property will be contacted in advance and considered for its individual needs such as: restaurants may require switch overs before or after open hours, while residential properties may have work completed during the daytime.

Will they be replacing the water and sewer lines on my property as part of the Main Street Reconstruction?
No. The contractors for Main Street are not working outside of the highway right-of-way or on private properties. If you would like to replace the service lines on your property, here are some qualified local contractors:
Caleb Ainsworth - 802-279-2280
Justin Lamson - 802-793-5726
Kingsbury Construction/Jim Despres - 802-496-2205
Walker Construction - 802-244-7400
Will there be detours during road construction?

There are no "designated signed detours" provided in the project, as VTrans cannot legally assign and/or dictate detours along public or private roadways. Commuters are encouraged to seek alternative routes around construction zones when available. Exceptions for signed detours may take place in the event unexpected complications cannot be avoided.

How will drivers be able to access our driveway, especially with one-way traffic?
Access to all commercial and residential drives will be maintained throughout construction with the exception of when underground utility and roadway reconstruction takes place at direct drive access points. Advanced notice of work schedule will be communicated throughout construction to provide advance notice of when direct conflicts should occur. All driveway access will be restored as soon as practical and at worst, by the end of each working day. Temporary signage directing motorists to businesses may be employed if determined appropriate during construction.
How can I tell when the Main Street construction will impact my business or residence?

If you would like weekly updates to know where construction is planned for the week, please sign up for updates on the "News" page of this website. This information is also posted on Front Porch Forum and printed weekly in the Waterbury Record. WDEV provides updates and emergency notifications, such as water shut-offs and boil water notices if and when necessary.

If you live or work in the immediate construction zone and would like emergency notifications when construction will be impacting your residence or business, please provide your contact information to Barb Farr at [email protected] or 802-244-4300 and include your address, email address, cell phone number and landline number if you have one.  

The Main Street Reconstruction project is broken down into four (4) segments. They are roughly: Segment 1 - Railroad Bridge to Stowe Street. Segment 2 - Stowe Street to Park Row. Segment 3 - Park Row to Batchelder Street. Segment 4 - Batchelder Street to just beyond Demeritt Place. Construction in 2019 will start in Segments 3 and 4 at the southern end of the village area. Informational updates are broken down by work scheduled in each segment.

Will there be any financial compensation provided for business losses?
Under state law, businesses affected by the reconstruction of a state or town highway are not eligible for financial compensation.
Will my business be accessible during construction hours?
Yes. Every business will be accessible at all times during construction. Special efforts will be made to promote and market businesses in Waterbury that may be impacted by the road construction. 
What signage will be provided to support businesses? How will this be coordinated?
The contractor will need to notify property owners of timing and duration of any access disruption. Temporary signage directing motorists to businesses may be employed if determined appropriate during construction.
How will deliveries be handled?
Any concerns about delivery locations or times should be communicated to the contractor. Alternatively delivery locations and times should be considered to avoid the work zone.
I am concerned for my business along the road construction route. Who can I talk with about details?

Depending on the nature of your concern you can contact any one of the resources below and they will work with you or direct you to get the information you need.  

  • General Project Assistance: Barbara Farr, 802-888-3810, Waterbury Transportation Liaison, [email protected]

  • Business Assistance: Alyssa Johnson, 978-760-1238, Waterbury Economic Development Director, [email protected]

  • Visitor Assistance: Karen Nevin, 802-793-6029, Executive Director, Revitalizing Waterbury, [email protected]

Where will the displaced parking spots be relocated?
Revitalizing Waterbury will be working with all of the abutting property owners to coordinate potential shared use of available space for displaced parking spots throughout construction. The numerous public parking spaces located outside of the immediate work zone(s) will be available for use.
Will there be handicap parking on Main Street when finished?
No handicap-specific parking spaces are included in the project.
When will the state parking lot for Stanley Hall be open to the public for alternative parking?
There are no current provisions for alternative public parking at Stanley Hall.