Main Street Reconstruction


After approximately 30 years of planning, the project is ready  to begin construction with in April 2019. The project area includes Main Street by the railroad bridge and progresses through the downtown for nearly one mile just past Demeritt Place. Construction will start at Park Street (mid-way in the project area) and head south to Demeritt Place through the summer of 2019.  Late summer and fall construction will include limited work from Stowe Street to Park Row.  The remainder of the work will take place in 2020 and 2021. 

100-year-old water lines, sewer lines and storm drains will be replaced with new lines for another 100 years. Utility lines will be placed underground in the core of the downtown between the Congregational Church to Park Street, and on Stowe Street from the Main Street intersection to the dry bridge over the railroad. New sidewalks, landscaping, informational kiosks, wayfinding signs, hanging flower baskets, flags and banners will enhance our entire downtown.


How can I tell when the Main Street construction will impact my business or residence?

The Main Street Reconstruction project is broken down into four (4) segments. They are roughly: Segment 1 - Railroad Bridge to Stowe Street. Segment 2 - Stowe Street to Park Row. Segment 3 - Park Row to Batchelder Street. Segment 4 - Batchelder Street to just beyond Demeritt Place. Construction in 2019 will start in Segments 3 and 4 at the southern end of the village area. There will be some work in Segment 2 in late construction season of 2019 and in 2020. Segment 1 will be in 2020. Final streetscaping and landscaping are planned in all segments in 2021. For specific work and/or details you can contact one of team members listed under Contacts.

Some work and excavation is occurring off of Main Street prior to April 15th. What is going on?
There is some preliminary storm drainage work happening at and near the State Office Complex in advance of the water and sewer work. There is drainage work scheduled next to the Public Safety Building, near the Stanley and Wasson parking area, and off Randall Street. 
When will construction on Main Street start?

It is scheduled to begin on or around April 15, 2019.

Where will construction start?
In April 2019, construction is scheduled to begin on Main Street at Park Street (Segment 3) and head south towards Demeritt Place (Segment 4) over the summer. These segments are planned to be completed with new water and sewer infrastructure and paved roadwork in 2019. The final streetscaping and landscaping will take place in the spring of 2021. 
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Barbara Farr
Transportation Liaison, Town of Waterbury
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