ROUTE 100 REhabilitation

The Route 100 Rehabilitation project began in April 2018. The project area is from just north of the Waterbury roundabout  approximately 9.5 miles north to the Public Safety building in Stowe. Construction will take place primarily during nighttime hours from 7pm to 6am from Sunday night to Friday morning. The work will take place in segments in a specific area for a week or two and then move to the next segment. 

The entire road will be excavated and will have a new subbase, pavement, and wider and safer bike lanes. A new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Route 100 and Guptil Road. The target construction completion date is October 2019.

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Where can I find the most up to date information on the project?
This website! will have the most current information on the project. If you have questions that are not answered here, or you need additional information, please reach out using the Contact tab.
I heard there is a traffic signal planned for the intersection of Guptil Road and Route 100. When will it be installed?
Yes, there is a traffic signal planned for this intersection. A date has not been set for the installation, however, it is likely that the signal will be installed in the 2019 construction season.
What work is being done on Route 100?
The project will remove the existing asphalt pavement to the full width of the existing roadway down to the surface of the existing concrete slab. The slabs will then be removed and a new subbase will be constructed. A number of existing drainage culverts will be repaired or replaced and subsurface drainage will be installed in strategic locations. This will improve the structural integrity of the roadway, increasing its useful life, and reducing maintenance costs.
Will this construction cause delays in my daily commute?
Work will be completed in segments and primarily at night to reduce impacts to the community and travelers. This will maintain two lanes of traffic during the daytime in segments of this heavily traveled corridor. The Contractor will work to limit the amount of time that drivers will be required to drive on the exposed gravel subbase during the concrete slab removal phase.
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